5 Step Web Design Process

Elara Web Meeting

Initial Chat

We'll organise a time to together so we can find out why you want a website and what your goals are. If you're happy with our proposal, we'll crack on with your project and move to the next stage.

Elara Web Mockup Design

Design Mockup

To start, we'll develop a mockup of the homepage for your new website. You'll have the opportunity to tell us changes you'd like to make and we'll produce a second version based on your feedback.

Elara Web Design


Once you have approved the homepage, we'll move on to the development the rest of your website. We'll give you access to our dev server to see how things are going and keep track of progress.

Elara Web Testing


Once we've finished on the development of your site, we'll start testing. Testing ensures the design and functionality work as intended and that your website is responsive across all devices.

Elara Web Launch


We'll optimise your website for search engines and install analytics to provide data on your visitors and make any final tweaks. After this, we'll launch your website and you'll be live!

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